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Site transfer complete

Wednesday,March 09,2011

I converted the old iWeb site to WordPress.  Why?  Turns out the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings were pathetic…

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Vertically expanding buttons

Sunday,February 13,2011

I recently encountered a problem where I needed to programmatically change the iPhone’s button control to fit some long text.  It needed to stretch vertically, not horizontally. 

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Free Light 2.0 approved

Sunday,January 30,2011

After a bit of a wait, it’s live.  It features support for devices with LED’s, strobe, colors, and brightness.

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Website finally updated

Saturday,January 22,2011

My old site was made quickly with Google Sites.  It was adequate at the time, and served it’s purpose.  I had only a few apps made then, and I hadn’t done much freelance work, either.

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