Website finally updated

Saturday,January 22,2011

My old site was made quickly with Google Sites.  It was adequate at the time, and served it’s purpose.  I had only a few apps made then, and I hadn’t done much freelance work, either.


Now I regularly get requests for custom software.  The potential clients often want to see my site.  I have to always tell them it’s a placeholder site.  That’s not a good thing.


Besides that, my app library has grown considerably since then.  I’ve made 19 total apps so far, and that’s not including the numerous apps I’ve made for various clients.  If I were to include all the apps I’ve made for others…it would be a lot!


The site was made using iWeb.  I could have used a better tool, like Dreamweaver of something else, but I don’t care to make websites that much – I’d much rather be making mobile apps.


I added a blog as a means of keeping people updated.  I imagine my family will use it the most.  Who knows, maybe those app ideas will finally produce a winner and the site will grow much more popular.


I plan on using this blog to announce new apps (and updates), as well as discussing programming in general.


Thanks for visiting!