Javoid Support – Frequently Asked Questions


Why aren’t all titles available across all platforms?

A few years ago I started to make apps for mobile devices.  Some were created for Android, then later a few were ported to Apple devices.  Some were deemed to not be good for ports, such as G-Massage, as the reviewers may not have allowed it.  In the future, I might make all software ported among all devices.


Why wasn’t my feature request added?

I’m way to busy to add every feature requested to an app.  However, the features that are usually requested the most, or if I feel it’s a very good idea, will get implemented.


Are custom-made apps expensive?

Is a painting expensive?  It is if it’s huge and has a lot of detail.  The same for apps.  If it’s not very complex, it usually isn’t expensive.  Apps that have a lot of features, however, can run up the cost.  To get an idea of the process of app creation, you can check out my guide to outsourcing apps here:

Create Apps Without Programming!


I want to learn how to make apps, what should I do?

Decide what platform you want to write apps for.  If you decide to go with the iPhone, you will need a Macintosh computer and a device to test on.  It’s the most expensive way to get started.  If you want to write for Android, you will need a Windows or Mac PC, and an Android phone to test on.  Then follow the numerous tutorials on their websites.  That’s what I did.


Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Why does Emergency Sounds have separate purchases for the iPhone and iPad?

I originally made Emergency Sounds for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  The iPad version is quote different from it in that everything is on one screen, while the iPhone/iPod version is implemented on several ‘pages’ of sounds.  To do a conversion to universal would have been too much trouble to be worth it.


Why isn’t Swear Box available for the iPhone?

Apple’s censors didn’t like some of the words in it ;-)


Google Android

Why does iBlood Test show up under both Javoid and Michael-John Wolf?

We worked together on the app.  It mainly resides under his name, but we have a revenue-sharing agreement.


Why doesn’t Fun Dice have the same functionality as the iPhone version?

It was created before the iPhone version and I decided to add extra features to the iPhone version when porting it.  To go back and change the Android code would mean re-writing the app and the sales simply don’t justify doing so.  On the other hand, I want to re-write the app entirely to allow multiple dice to be selected and rolled, so this may be updated in the future.


The screen doesn’t fit right on my device, when will it be fixed?

I will update the apps in time to use list views, as they seem to be the most reliable.  Current purchasers of G-Massage will not get an update, unfortunately, as my signing key for that app was lost during a system failure.  I may release a new version in the future though.


Why are there many more apps available for Apple devices compared to Android?

Apple is more enjoyable to write apps for, in my opinion