Create Apps Without Programming!

Ever wanted to make an app?  Do you have a great idea, but don’t know how to program?  This app is a fully-detailed guide to outsourcing app development, so you can make your app ideas a reality!

Universal app for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad.

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This guide is about how to effectively outsource app development.  It does not create apps for you.  You can get apps made VERY cheap if you follow the detailed instructions in this guide!


That iPhone app idea itching to get out onto your phone could make you THOUSANDS each day – like other simple apps such as Doodle Jump and iFart!


You can create your own applications for the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and other platforms with NO programming knowledge!


It’s INCREDIBLY easy to make your own apps!  Most people don’t realize how easy it is!  This guide book tells you step by step how to do it.  What’s more, you don’t need to buy expensive computers or software.  The only tool you need is internet access.


Many apps have consistently made over $10,000 a day.  Lots of people have become MILLIONAIRES from a simple idea.  But most of these people knew how to write programs.


That’s the catch.  People don’t want to spend three months learning to program, then more time to create an app.  This guide shows you how you can make an app less than a single day.  It’s that EASY.


Imagine sitting in your local coffee shop with your laptop (or an internet cafe) and getting an app made in only a few hours.  It’s possible!


So what’s the deal?  How do you make these apps so easily?


You can outsource your idea.


These are the steps to follow:


1.  Create your app idea and write it down.


2.  Experienced programmers compete to make your app for the lowest price.


3.  Submit your apps to stores and make money.


This is so easy to do you could have an app made by TOMORROW.


Apple will place your app in a store with MILLIONS of people who are shopping there.


There are many websites where you can hire these programmers.


Programmers on these sites bid against each other ‘auction-style’ to make your app.


Of course, you could follow instructions from various websites, but none are as detailed as this guide.  You would miss out on the HUGE amount of knowledge that will help you make your app and avoid potential problems.


Furthermore, this guide will detail step-by-step everything you need to do from start to finish, and even what to do after the app is done.


Would an extra $2000, $5,000, or $10,000 US Dollars a month help you and your family?


The Apple Store is making common people RICH every day.


If you’re app makes 1% of what iFart was making that’s over $500 US Dollars EACH DAY.  That’s ONE PERCENT.


Then re-invest your app profits and you could be an app MILLIONAIRE.


Think about it.  How long would it take for you to learn all that I’ve assembled in this guide.  How many mistakes would be made?  How much profit would be lost?


Where did all this knowledge come from?  I’ve made many, many apps for the iPhone, iPod, iPad and other platforms for various clients online.


Why would I create this guide filled with all this great information?


I make apps as my main source of work.  I’ve helped many clients reach their goals of publishing apps on the app store.


However, time and time again I see so many people make simple mistakes and end up failing.  What’s worse is that this is usually their first time making an app and they end up quitting.


Because of this, I decided to write a guide to help people.


Eventually my guide grew and was filled with not only detailed step-by-step instructions, but also many tips, tricks and other suggestions to make an app SUCCESSFULLY.


There are common, SIMPLE steps to avoid being ripped off, yet people continue to make these mistakes, get burned, and give up.


You can download this app, then read it at your leisure.  Once your ready, use the handily ‘quick reference’ section to guide your creation of your app.  Then, you can use the handily calculator to measure your potential profits!


Don’t wait, that app idea you have could be making you RICH right now!  Every day you delay is another day’s profits that are lost!