Free Light

Easy & FREE flashlight app!

Universal app for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad.

Search for 'Javoid' in iTunes.

Universal – works on iPhone, iPhone 4, iPod Touch & iPad!

Other flashlight apps are loaded with useless, silly and even complicated features. This app comes with the ones you’ll use most:

Lights up immediately. No wait for loading screens.

Bright white light, or pick from up to 10 colors.

Adjust the brightness quickly with a slider.

LED support for devices with a camera light.

Strobe effect for emergencies, or fun in the darkness. You can even adjust the flash rate.

Use the LED with the screen light, or without, by turning the screen to lowest brightness and leaving the LED on.

Great for many situations:
Power failures
Bedside night light
Finding things in the dark
Hiking & camping
Astronomy / stargazing
Book light
Just about anywhere a normal flashlight is used
And moreā€¦

As with any flashlight app that uses the LED (or flash), using it for a prolonged period can drain your battery quickly. Using the screen for light is recommend for normal use, and the LED for situations that require extreme lighting.

Strobe effects have been known to cause seizures. Please be cautious when turning it on. Not only for you, but for others as well.

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